My Crash Diet

I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I never kept them. I use to make resolutions about not eating fast food or quitting smoking. I would honestly believe that I would keep them, but never kept a one.  I eventually either quit my vices or accepted them. I avoided the resolution trap for 8 years until this past December.

My husband and I were discussing his upcoming deployment to Iraq. I had all sorts of plans for the types of projects I would do and the new techniques I would try in order to fill my time. I was kind of looking forward to his departure. After our discussion I decided to start on a scrap bag I had promised my mother months ago (actually, more like years!) . I began to search for a specific fabric she requested and was shocked at the amount of fabric I was going through. I know that I shouldn’t be shocked. I understand that my stash grows exponentially every time I walk near a quilt store, but I have been in denial. I realized that my husband was getting ready to give up all his hobbies, his comforts, and freedoms while I was getting ready to go on a fabric and quilting binge.  I felt horrible.

My husband was amused by my shock. He had known my addiction was out of hand for a while. He then started telling me, “you deserve this”, “you give so much”, and “you’re a great wife and mom, treat yourself.” I just felt worse. I ended up staying up that night staring at my design wall (which had pieces of a selvage quilt that I had been working on for a year). By 3 o’clock I had made up my mind of what I would do.

The next morning I told my husband, “I am not buying any new fabric this year!” He laughed. He laughed hard.

 That was December. We are now nearing the end of February and I have yet to buy anything. I have been given fabric and I have a gift certificate  from my local quilt shop along with a full fabric card that allows me one yard of free fabric. I am saving these for an emergency. I am currently working on several projects. My biggest is a queen size scrap quilt I am going to call “Confetti”. It is a very structured scrap quilt and I found I have a ton of scraps left all in long strips so I have decided to do a very scrappy backing.

It feels good to empty the scrap bin! My hope is that I can foster more creativity when forced to make do with what I have rather than running to the fabric shop for the perfect fit. I am optimistic that I can do this, but we will see how I am doing around August!


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