Taking Time Away

I took this week away from my sewing.  GASP!!

This is a very rare occurrence as I typically sew every day (or every night after the kids go to bed). When my husband is home, the housework is divided up and I am  able to go into my sewing room without fear of coming out to a disaster. But, since his deployment I have had to be careful with my time management or things go awry very fast.  I had started to let a few things go and suddenly my house was a disaster! I decided that I would take this week to catch up on house work, yard work, and I needed to get our taxes done. Not terribly exciting, except the yard work. I managed to blow up the lawn mower (not on purpose) which was very exciting. I also managed to tidy my sewing room. I can once again move around!!!




The time away from my machine has been good. I am able to reflect on my projects thus far and think about the projects I have not yet started. This includes a stack of jeans I have collected from multiple family members and a large bunch of ties from my late father-in-law. I want to mix the two, but I still don’t know how. The ties are an awesome mix of 70’s and 80’s.  Any suggestions?

Jeans and Ties

I hope to have more interesting things to share next week. The week away was nice for perspective, but I am really ready to get back to it.


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