My children, my inspiration

Like most mommies, I believe my children are the cutest, smartest, most interesting children that ever lived. Radek, my 5-year-old, has an amazing imagination and a little bit of a morbid streak. Zeke, who is 2 1/2, can create the most orderly scribbles I have ever seen and tell me the story behind each one.  I have been saving their art for some time and have wanted to translate their vision to fabric. I have played with embroidery and contemplated cross stitch, but nothing really did their work justice. My searched continued until I read about a technique called colorque (a play on applique) that sounded fun.

I chose to try the technique on a picture Radek did of a snowman. This particular picture is my favorite so far. After the kids were done drawing their snowmen, the teacher’s asked about the picture’s and added captions. While the other snowmen were playing with their families or throwing snowballs, my son’s picture read, “The snowman looking for prey.” Genius.

I used a soft lead pencil to trace the picture onto a piece of white cotton. I then took a colored pencil and filled in the picture. I didn’t worry about doing a perfect job since it was replicating a child’s drawing. When I was finished, I took a small brush and brushed on a coat of textile medium. When that was finished drying, I heat set the picture with a dry iron. I then created a quilt sandwich using cotton batting and muslin. I hand embroidered around the edge of the art. I wrote the caption using a fabric marker. I created a fun christmas pillow that Rad and Zeke think is awesome. The backing was some Christmas fabric squares that were pieced together.  

“The snowman looking for prey”
close up


I plan on doing this to more of Rad’s and Zeke’s art projects in this manner. Radek has a piece up in his preschool about the wind blowing an alien tiger so that may become a spring table runner! 


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