Looking Back

Rad has a week off from school so we are visiting my parents in southern California. We have planned a lot of activities for my two rambunctious boys including Circus Vargas, the La Brea Tar Pits, and the Western Science Center. This trip has one drawback, my pledge to not buy fabric for one year. My parents live in a 55+ community that has estate sales on a regular basis and the fabric finds are epic! 

This trip has given me a chance to look back at my beginning adventures in quilting. My mother was the recipient of my earliest work and I forget about these quilts until I see them again. It is good to know that they are in a place where they are loved and used on a regular basis. Join me on my trip down memory lane.

The first quilt started it all. I had never sewn anything other than a pair of shears for my windows. I had no idea that this one quilt would ignite a passion for textiles. The pattern is a monkey wrench with simple sashing and borders. I chose the fabrics based on my idea of what a quilt should be, not necessarily what I liked. I am really not sure where I got the idea that quilts should be floral. I am very proud of my work, but the quilt did not belong in my house. It took me a few quilts to understand the complexities of fabric selection and I am still learning.

My favorite quilt to date is the one block wonder I did using a sheet my grandmother had on her guest bed. My mother had a remnant left and asked me if I could do something with it. It’s the colors I think I love the best. The material was very thin and I must have used three bottles of sizing during the assembly process. This was my first experience in repurposing fabric which I still love to do!

The last quilt my mother absconded with was an experiment. I wish I had had this quilt for my first guild meeting. The theme in January was about things going wrong. I loved the idea of using home decor fabric and I had acquired a lot of home decor scraps. It is the texture of the fabrics I love and I thought it would make a sturdy quilt. A lot went wrong with this quilt! The biggest problem was the fraying and coming apart. My mother fixed this problem by blanket stitching pieces of ribbon over the problem areas. I do love collaborations!! I still love the quilt and I know that next time I use home decor fabric I will use a wider seam allowance and maybe even a serger stitch?

It is good to look back and see how far I have come. Every quilt has been a learning experience for me and I hope to keep challenging myself with patterns and materials I love.

I leave you with a photo of my boys wrapped up in some delicious quiltiness.


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