I have had a very productive week that has resulted in 4 finished projects, YEAH!! My sister is coming to visit with her three children the last two weeks of May so I am under a deadline to get my sewing/guest room under control. I have been in a zone all week getting things done and it feels so good. I am reminded of a blog that another guild member, Little Bluebell,  had involving “Staying Done“. She talked about Camille Roskelley’s book Simplify and her dedication, “I would also like to dedicate this to every other mom out there who wants to make something that just stays done.” Little Bluebell is currently having a fabric give a way. The details will be included at the end of this post.  

First, my beloved selvedge quilt was completed. This is my most eco friendly quilt to date. I used selvedges that had been collected by my local quilt shop and myself. I sewed these strips onto 5 1/2 inch blocks that I then separated into four panels of 20. I used a solid red cotton that I purchased at an estate sale for the sashing. I then sewed selvedges on 3 1/2 inch stripe to make the border. The backing is an old blanket I used as a child. The batting is an old thermal blanket. I had originally done a free motion square stipple, but I did not like how stiff it made the quilt. I had to take out the stitching (ugh!) and I decided to use various colors of yarn to tie the quilt. I am very happy with the result.

“One woman’s trash is another woman’s stash”

 The next project was a quilt I had made for a friend’s daughter. My friend, Kelly, gave me a lot of quilting items. She also included baby blankets she had made for her daughter. She wanted to do something with them and she really loves pinwheels so I created a pinwheel quilt for her.  By mistake, I ended up piecing pinwheels with pinwheels. I had decided to do stars in the sashing and did not realize the effect until a few rows had been pieced sewn together. I think it looks pretty cool. I used a very basic stitch in the ditch to quilt it.

“Katie’s Quilt” (working title)

The last finished project is my sister’s birthday quilt and my scrap quilt binding. I do not have pictures of these yet, but expect a detailed post on my sister’s birthday quilt soon.

The fabric giveaway that I mentioned is very simple. Check out Little Bluebell’s blog for how to win a 21 fabric bundle of Denyse Schmidt’s fat quarters from her recently released collection (Picnic and Fairgrounds)! Since I have sworn off buying fabric for the year 2011 I have high hopes. That being said, Good Luck to all of you!


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