Off to Market

I have been very busy trying to clean out my sewing room so that my sister and her small brood can have a place to sleep. I got almost everything done and was finally at a point that I could unfold the bed when I realized I had a little over two weeks before she got her. Surely there would be enough time to squeeze in one more project? Regardless, I started a new quilt using Farmer John’s Market Place (Paintbrush Studios) fat quarters. I really get an incredible sense of calm when I begin pressing and cutting fabric for a new project. It must be my favorite part of quilting.

The beginning of "Fruit Stand"

 The apricots were not in my original bundle. A friend of mine who is another guild member, Dan Rouse, gave them to me after seeing me blog about my purchase. This was a wonderful thing since I was having trouble deciding how to arrange the blocks. The extra fruit gave me a few more options. It helps to know friendly people! I am going with a snowball block using a lovely green fabric I procured at an estate sale in southern California.  

Here is my step by step in creating a snowball block.

Step 1: Main Fabric 6.5 inch square and Corner Fabric 2.5 inch square.

Step 2: Draw a line down the middle of each corner square.


Step 3: With right sides together, line up corners and sew across line.
Step 4: Trim seam allowance to 1/4 inch.
Step 5: Press open and done!

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