Operation Kid Comfort – Part 1

 I know I have mentioned the wonderful Deanna Davis from the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild and the quilt she had made for my youngest, Zeke. Well, she finished the second quilt for my oldest, Rad, complete with Air Force backing. He loves it. Both boys drag their quilts everywhere and love showing them off to people who come over. Below is a picture of the boys having quiet time on their quilts.

 Quilts are one of the best gifts to give a person who is need or struggling. They are beautiful and functional.  Armed Services YMCA created a program, Operation Kid Comfort,  in 2003 to create quilts and pillowcases for the children of deployed military members. Family members provide pictures of the children and deployed parent and then a small quilt is created using the pictures. I contacted the wonderful Dawn Schwab at Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe about doing an event for Operation Kid Comfort. I thought of Dawn first since a. she is awesome, b. her son joined the Air Force and is currently in Germany, and c. she is always finding ways to do community outreach. She immediately wanted to do an open sew to help create these quilts. I then contacted Susan Simms at YMCA with our idea. The ladies sent me out a kit. 

The kit

The kit included a simple double 9 patch pattern (this was a suggested pattern, we can actually do any pattern we desire), pre cut strips, fleece for backing, pictures of the service member and his daughter, prepaid envelope to mail quilt, and a card for the quilter to sign. The quilt must also have a block with the child’s name, air force seal, and ASYMCA logo.


Every Sunday in June (except the 19th because that is Father’s Day) from 1 PM to 5Pm Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe in Fairfield, California will hold an open sew for members of the community to come and assemble quilts for children at Travis Air Force Base.  Dawn and I will be creating kits similar to what ASYMCA sent me.  You don’t even have to know how to sew! We will need people to press, baste, and cut while others are sewing away. I am really excited about these events and know we will be making a lot of little kids feel a little more secure while their parent is away. Check out our flyer below!!

We are also accepting donations in the way of batting, thread, Printed Treasure printable fabric, toner, and fleece or flannel for backing. Please contact me if you would like to help – loweev12@yahoo.com


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