Biding My Time

I have been super busy the past few weeks. My sister and three kids get in this week for a two-week vacation. I am excited to see my sister and even more excited to see my niece and nephews. Being on different coasts mean the cousins don’t get to play together very often. They Skype and talk on the phone (Pre-K conversations are the best!), but my sister and I wish they could be around each other more often. I am also preparing for my Operation Kid Comfort event in June. We are having a good response and I think it will be a blast!!! This has meant I have put most of my personal projects on hold. Any quilter will know that this is a frustrating state to be in, but I will hopefully be too busy to notice. Since I have not been doing much I thought I would share my future projects. Like a good quilter this is only a small portion of what I have planned. Here we go…

I finished all my snowball blocks and am now contemplating a backing for this quilt. I like this picnic tablecloth print with ants. It certainly ups the kitsch factor.

I am still debating what to do with my pile of men’s neck ties. I need to buy interfacing and then just start cutting. I recently watched a Quilting Arts episode about gentle curves that looked fun. The ties range from delicate silk to sturdy wool. The textures are fantastic!

This is a panel I bought thinking I would get it done right away. My kids keep bugging me to finish it already so they can drive their cars on it. I picked a backing (seen below the panel) and will probably do simple channel quilting. I have store bought navy binding that someone gave me that I will use.

This is some fat quarters a friend gave me for my birthday. I don’t know what I will do with them yet, but I may mix in some with the neck tie quilt. It could be a fun way to vary the textures.

This is a kit I bought. I am normally opposed to kits and rarely buy them, but my kids love Dr Seuss and the minute my 5-year-old saw the sample up in the shop he lost his mind. Far be it from me to deny my child something literary. The last kit I bought was an Eric Carle Brown Bear, Brown Bear kit that both my boys like.

My sister and I will be working on some kid friendly projects while she is here and I will be teaching her the basics of a sewing machine. In return, she will be giving me a crash course in vegan baking. Good Times!!


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