lil cyst

My sister is here !!! She and her three kids are visiting for two week. Marla  lives on the east coast, so we do not get to see each other often. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but we are identical twins. Even as grown women in our 30’s we still get people gawking and pointing. When I was younger I was use to it, but now it is a little weird in a good way.  The best part is when our kids get us confused!

A few birthdays ago I purchased her a Janome Mini sewing machine. It is perfect for beginners including children (I plan on purchasing this very machine for my son when he starts 1st grade). To date, Marla has not used it once. She says she gets overwhelmed and confused and just needed a little guidance. I told her that  I would give her a crash course in sewing with my Bernina 125 (my machine I take to classes). In return, she brought out some vegan recipes for us to do. We will be doing orange blossom marshmallow dipped in dark chocolate and lavender rose shortbread. YUM!!

I believe in sewing something you like so I had my sister flip through some of my Stitch magazines including the special issue with patchwork. I wanted started with a simple project and she found one that she liked. Cuffs (pg. 25)!! She had a great time going through my scrap pile and picking out fun combinations. Here is combo #3

Then we pieced the strips together. Then we measured her wrist to how she wanted the cuff to fit. Add 1 1/2 inches. She also decided on a 3 inch width.

We took a piece of stiff interfacing and fused it to the pieced fabric and then fused a piece of fabric for the backing.

We cut the pieced fabric, the stiff interfacing, and backing fabric to 9 1/2 inches x 3 inches.

Then satin stitched around the entire piece.

We picked out buttons, attached a button, and added a button-hole.

The last step was to add dabs of fabric glue to secure the stitches.

My sister loves her new cuffs and her daughter wants one now. I know Marla will never be crazy about sewing and will never make a quilt and I am fine with that. I just hope she can gain confidence in sewing to make fun little projects for herself and the kids. It is a great stress reliever and a wonderful way to express one’s self.


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One response to “lil cyst

  • Alyson Roth

    Aaaah, the signature Twillight “look”! LOL! I bet it is a little strange to have people stare at you now that you’re older! And really? The kids get confused? Now THAT’S funny! Yay for learning new things together!! Have fun!!

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