Memorial Day Weekend

My Memorial Day weekend has been very busy!! My sister is still here and keeping  5 kids entertained is exhausting!! Below is four out of the five, Zeke (2), Leara (4), Radek (5), and Arya (3). Ten month old Jai was napping when we took this picture.

I am still prepping for my Operation Kid Comfort event so I enlisted the help of my sister to prepare quilt kits for the event.  I stopped by Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe to go through donated fabric with Dawn Scwhab and her friend Joan. We had two requirements, the fabric needed to be kid friendly and there had to be a substantial amount.The fabric not chosen would be given for other charity quilts.  A dozen boxes and several large bags of fabric later we had a good starting point for putting kits together.

This is where my sister came in. I took the fabric home and separated fabric by color then started grouping fabric in fours. We have a super simple pattern that is good for boys or girls.

Marla helped me put color combinations together and acted as a sounding board as I stressed over what a kid would want. We made 13 different fabric combinations. Some for girls, some for boys, and most for both.

The next step was pressing and cutting the fabric into strips. She began pressing fabric and I began cutting. I was able to get 2 or 3 kits out of each combination!!

We got a lot done. Over 30 kits were made!

As more items get crossed off my list the more I get excited about this event. We have pledged to make 10 quilts for children of deployed service members at Travis Air Force Base.  If you are interested in coming check out our events June 5, June 12, and June 26.

This event is close to my heart since my spouse is currently deployed. I will leave you with a picture of him in Baghdad. This Memorial Day Weekend keep all our troops in your prayers.


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One response to “Memorial Day Weekend

  • Asija Chappel

    What an awesome Memorial Weekend you are having and such a wonderful cause! I’m going to really try to make it out to your event.

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