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A few months ago I was asked to do a table  runner for a woman, Barb, who was retiring. I used to work for her at Teddy’s Child Watch which was through ASYMCA. Teddy’s Child Watch is  a free child watch service for military members and dependents who have medical appointments at David Grant Medical Center. It is a program I still volunteer for and use when I have medical appointments. I was happy to do the runner and  the oppurtunity to use one of my favorite products, batting tape!!

I save all sorts of scraps including batting. I often end up with pieces too big to throw away and too small for most projects. When I start a project I always check my batting scraps but nothing was ever the right size and  I would  end up having to buy a whole new piece . I had accumulated a lot when my friend, Dawn at Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe, introduced me to batting tape. It is a piece of fusible tape that connects pieces of batting together. I shared this at the May meeting of the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild and now I will share with you (unless you were there and then you get to hear it again!).

First we start with out runner top and backing.

I  take pieces of batting and lay them out until I have roughly enough to cover the backing. The next step is connecting the pieces. I start with two pieces of batting and lay then side by side overlapping by about 1/4 inch.

I use a straight edge and rotary cutter to trim the edges.

I then remove edge scraps.

I cut a piece of batting tape to fit the edge. Place so the tape is centered on the two pieces. Make sure the rough side is down.

I iron the tape to the batting. This quilt is using cotton batting so I use the cotton setting.  If you are using a wool or poly batting you will need to play around with your iron settings. I have melted poly before, but that’s what I get for using poly!

I do this on the other side as well, but I know others who only apply the tape to one side of the seam. I just keep going until all my pieces are together.

Now you can make your quilt sandwich and quilt as you desire.

FYI – My son, Radek, took that last picture. I would include a picture of the runner, but I was up late finishing it and was too busy this morning getting ready to remember. The recipient liked it and I was happy not to have to buy more batting:)


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