Father’s Day and Operation Kid Comfort

This Father’s Day was a little sad for me. My husband is gone and I was unable to go see my own Dad. My husband did receive his Father’s Day package, so that made me happy. The kids helped cheer me up by giving out extra hugs and behaving for most of the day. My older son, Rad, even came to me and said he was ready to start sewing. We started on a simple needlepoint kit from the craft store.The idea was to help him thread a needle, work on fine motor skills, and follow a pattern. He is doing really good!  I have had to help him in a few places, but he is only 5.

I spent a good part of my day getting ready for the last Operation Kid Comfort Event. We had a very generous donation from the Travis Enlisted Spouse Club that helped us purchase the rest of the fleece backings. Our last event went really well. It was smaller than expected, but those ladiesgot to work!!

Our last event is in on Sunday June, 26. Please let me know if you are interested in coming. Check out the flyer below:


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