My love affair with the color orange.

Some friends of mine decided to go in on a project to create a quilt using orange and grey. I am always up for something fun and I was super excited that the colors were grey and orange.


I use to love black, but with light skin and dark hair I was confused for a vampire several times (not even joking). At some point I decided to stop being so somber and add some color to my life. While I am a fan of most colors, orange has become my favorite. I even painted my house orange!!!

Sadly, I rarely quilt with the color. I need to fix this. Which brings me to the challenge. My friends told me I could use whatever fabric as long as it was grey and orange and the block could be whatever as long as it was a 12.5 inch square. I have been thinking a lot about circles since one of the members of the guild I belong to, the very talented Dan Rouse, has them in all his quilts and they just look cool. I decided to try a selvedge circle and use raw edge applique and a grey background.

The first step was going through my selvedges to find orange pieces. I am not going to lie, that made a mess!

Once I had found my pieces I needed to press them and find a pleasing arrangement. I used a scrap of orange cotton as a foundation fabric.

Next, I sewed the selvedges onto the foundation fabric. Each piece overlapped the next piece just a little bit. I used an off white thread that blended in pretty well.

Now it was time to cut my circles. I used my Olfa circle cutter to cut 9 inch circles. I cut two since I had enough fabric and it gave me some options.

Once I decided which circle I liked I used fusible webbing and attached it to the grey background. I then sewed around the circle and added a stay stitch to ward off fraying.

I really like the block and I think I will do an entire quilt with it. And I am definitely using more orange!!!!


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