Jay McCarroll Challenge – Side 1

I love getting free fabric!! As many of you know, I am not buying fabric for one year. Not even for backing!!!!

This does not mean I am not receiving fabric. I still get “donations” from friends and family. Like any good hoarder, I feel that I will give their fabric a good home and if I don’t take it then it may be destroyed or abused. All fabric deserves a chance to be turned into something special. The idea of some piece of fabric getting callously tossed into a trash bin or used as practice piece is too much to bear. **hyperventilating while clutching chest**

I have gotten off topic. Since I love free fabric, I was very excited that my guild (East Bay Modern Quilt Guild) was doing a fabric challenge. I was even more excited to find out it was Jay McCarroll fabric! His new collection,  Habitat, comes in jewel tones, brights, and earth tones and he has invited all the Modern Quilt Guilds to participate.  Our guild chose earth tones (I voted for jewel tones, but earth tones are stunning too) and each member received 6 fat quarters. The only limitation was no other fabric lines. Fair enough!

Once I had my fabric in the safety of my sewing room I had to pick through my stash to see what solids I had and hope that I could do something really cool. I quickly realized that I did not have enough solid cotton to do anything with so I got adventurous. I got out my home decor fabric out and found some fun fabric to add to the mix. I also found a navy twill.

That was when I had my grand idea. DENIM!!! I have a pile of denim jeans that was donated to me and I have yet to do anything with it. So I got to cutting and it felt good.

My original intention was to make framed squares, but then I noticed a pattern from a quilt book, Simple Contemporary Quilts by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader. The quilt was titled “For Baby” and was designed by Shari Lidji. I am a sucker for strips!  This quilt top assembly went together incredibly fast.

 The pattern includes some quilting suggestions that I also plan on using. I also plan on using the rest of the fabric to do a large log cabin block for the backing. This one is going to be hung in my quilt room:)

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