Jay McCarroll Challenge – Side 2 and Done!

I am happy to report that I have finished my quilt for the Jay McCarroll “Habitat” Challenge. This quilt was quite the learning experience since I chose to use primarily denim. I highly recommend using jeans/denim needles (100/16) while quilting although  I used a size 90/14 quilting needle for the piecing. I intend to hang this quilt on my sewing room wall so I did not line the cotton materials. If I intended to use this on a bed, I would have used a medium weight interfacing. This is my first quilt that I would call modern (although that may be debatable depending on who you ask).

Reminder, side 1 was this:

I decided to an improvisational log cabin block for the backing. I did not get any pictures of this process because I got really involved and forgot to stop and click. I had a blast making it and will definitely do it again although can’t promise that I will take pictures then either.

Here is side 2:

The pattern for side 1 suggested doing  a random stair step pattern for quilting (see this post for pattern info). Using chalk and a straight edge, I made the pattern. I then made my quilt sandwich and got to it.

I used a pink upholstery thread to do the quilting and binding. I did this for two reasons – 1. denim is heavy and I wanted a sturdy thread to keep it together, 2. I had it and wanted to get rid of it, but my hoarding tendencies won’t let me just throw something away. I have to use it!

I used the navy twill fabric for binding. I experienced one problem while binding. I had attached the binding to the front of the quilt by machine and then trimmed down my excess. I guess I wasn’t paying attention since I snipped the edges as well. I did not realize this until I began attaching the binding to the back.

Since it was made for hanging and it had a rustic quality that kind of reminded me of a Gee’s Bend quilt, I decided to keep the mistake.

I am calling this #86.The number 86 has no significance to me, it seems like a modern name for my modern quilt.

Here are a few close up pics.


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