Quick and Easy!

Let me start this post by saying, I am the proud mother of two very active little boys! Radek, who is 5, is very into animals, dinosaurs, and going fast. He runs everywhere!  He is also a daredevil which means he is always covered in bruises. Radek has never met a stranger and is always willing to make a new friend.  He also is very sensitive and is very concerned about how other people feel.

My youngest, Zeke, is 3 and a little more cautious. He idolizes his big brother and does whatever Rad tells him. Zeke is my artists and will draw and doodle on whatever is available. All my bills are covered in Zeke’s art. He is more quiet and I often lose track of him while dealing with his older brother. He is a ninja. Unlike Rad, who wants your attention all the time, Zeke is able to do things quietly and efficiently so I rarely catch him in the act of misbehaving.

I love my boys! I also like to do crafts with my boys. I have already started the process of teaching Rad to sew and both boys like to come in my sewing room and watch me work (sadly, they eventually start to touch things and Iam forced to throw them out). I am constantly looking for craft projects (sewing or otherwise) for the boys. I have become frustrated by the lack of crafting/sewing projects directed towards boys. It has gotten better in recent years and there are more projects available, but it certainly isn’t equal to what girls have. I will stop there as this topic gets me heated and you are probably not interested in that.

 *deep breath*

 Almost a year ago I purchased a panel of fabric called “My Little Town” made by Nancy Vasilchik for Exclusively Quilters.

 A few nights ago I decided to bust it out. I was going to make a car quilt that could travel with us and keep the boys entertained at rest stops and hotel rooms. I used one yard of sss-silly safari fabric by moda  for the backing. I got to use some batting tape for the cotton batting I had to piece together.

First I measured down the middle of the quilt diagonally and marked a straight line using chalk. I then pin basted the fabric.

I then got my machine ready to quilt. I already had green thread in the machine and it was almost midnight (I am a night owl and do most of my work after the kids go to bed) so I decided not to waste time and just use green thread (call me lazy). I had a stitch length of 3.0 and used the dual-feed system. I set up the cahnnel guide for two inches.

I quilted parallel lines, starting in the middle, two inches away from each other. I have never used my channel guide before and I really liked it! It certainly saved me time from measuring each line. I had planned on doing diamonds, but the lines came out great and it was late!

Next, I made a strap using a scrap of navy fabric. I cut a 4″ strip the width of the fabric. I pressed the strip in half and then pressed each raw edge to the center. Think of double fold bias tape.

I then folded the strip in half, pressed, and sewed around the edge ( back stitching each end).

I then folded the strip in half and pinned it to the center edge of the quilt. I used a safety-pin to keep the strip from shifting while I did the binding.

Someone had given me store-bought binding that I have held onto for two or three years (I’m a horder!) and I was happy to have a reason to use it. I attached it using a zig zag stitch.

Here is what it looks like when it is rolled up

The next morning a T-rex attacked the town.


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