Scrappin’ it Up

The Good News : My husband will be home on Sunday after a 6 month deployment in Baghdad.

The Bad News: This has been the longest week of my life and I have been feeling like those old school panthers that pace in their cage (check out mark 5:42 for my obscure reference).

These past few months I have been using my husband’s side of the bed as fabric storage. I decided I needed to clear that out before he got home. I was amazed at how much I had accumulated. I figured not buying fabric for a year would make a dent in my stash, but I forgot that I was still accepting fabric from others. It is out of control, but I think I have a solution which I will discuss at a later date. 

I did find a way to use some scraps and raise some money for a good cause!!

When I finished making all the Operation Kid Comfort kits from the donated fabric I had rail fence blocks that measured roughly 12″x 9″. I hated throwing away that fabric so I held on to it until I could think of something.

Well, I have been hearing about a fun block called a disapearing 9 patch that is easy. I looked it up and was convinced that I could use this to make something super cool out of these frustrating scraps. I started by cutting 2 five inch squares from each scrap. I alternated which end I cut from so that the blocks were a little different.

I then formed 9 patches making sure to mix up the fabric.

I sewed the 9 patches together amd then cut them in quarters, creating 4 new blocks.

I then mixed up the blocks (80 in all) to create a scraptastic quilt top.

I sewed 10 rows with 8 blocks in each.

I am using some some 5″ x 2″/3″ scaps to make a fun border.

I plan on selling this quilt to raise money for Operation Kid Comfort. This may be the first item in my etsy shop (if I ever get that going!!). I will figure something out…anyway…until next time….keep it scrappy!!


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