Taking Control of the Hoard – Part 1 0f 3

I have had a very emotional week. Two major events happened. One good, one bad. I will start with the good.

MY HUSBAND CAME HOME!!! David got in Sunday night and the boys and I could not be happier. Because he was gone for a deployment the family was able to meet him at the gate rather than at baggage claim. I am unbelievably happy to have him home!!!!

The bad, our beloved dog Prissy passed away. We have had her 9 years and she was a great dog. She was old and sick and the family is very upset. I spent most of this weekend sobbing. I am lucky that Dave was here to help and the boys have been very understanding. This was the last picture taken of Prissy before she fell ill.

So, what is the best way to distract one’s self, clean out my hoard.

I realized that I had too much when I tried to take all the fabric I was storing on Dave’s side of the bed and fit it in my sewing room. It was not going to fit. I had two choices.

1. Accept my hoard and end up on A&E screaming at the people in junk trucks that my rat infested fabric just need to be cleaned and to get off my property.


2. Accept my limitations and clean out my hoard.

My husband agreed that we could put the sofa bed and dresser in the kids playroom and my sewing room could be just for sewing, but first I had to clear a way for him to get the furniture out. My good friend Crystal agreed to come over and help me tame this beast (I of course told her she could have any fabric she wanted).

We started by going through my meticulously kept piles and orderly boxes.

I went from a room full of stuff to a closet full of stuff. My husband will be putting in a new closet organizer for me to contain what I have left (so nice to have him home!). I did purchase 3 lovely bins to keep my selvedges, cotton scraps, and miscellaneous scraps.

I finally understand the show hoarders. I felt honest stress and anxiety while I was sifting through all my fabric trying to decide what I would use and what would just sit there. I began to feel like the hoarders people who start swearing at the people trying to help them. I really felt that it would be wasteful and some how wrong of me to callously toss aside all the great fabric. *deep breath* We were able to fill 5 office boxes with fabric I don’t want/won’t use/don’t need.

I am slowly beginning to show some progress and my sewing table is clear of clutter and ready for a sewing play date!

I will keep you all updated on my progress. Until then, GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!


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