I am feeling a little bit scrambled now that David is home. I had 6 month to get use to being without him and now I am in the process of readjusting. My sewing has taken the biggest hit. It is hard to go work on a project when I am curled up with my man on the couch. The newness will wear off soon and hiding in my sewing room won’t be such an issue. I have not completely ignored my sewing room, I did add a new shelf to my sewing room.

I will have more on that in two weeks.

One of the nice things with Dave being home is doing stuff as a family. So, the other day I woke up with a fun family project: pear picking. We have an Asian pear tree in our backyard that is has always been plentiful. This year was no exception. I dragged both kids and husband to the back yard to start picking. My goal was to have the tree cleared before lunch.

Radek wore his bike helmet to protect himself falling pears.

Why am I in such a hurry?

Well, we will be taking a family vacation soon and I did not want to come back after a week to a yard full of rotting pears. It is not good.

Now our tree is empty.

We had a nice sized harvest.

We are making pear sauce and I am trying canning for the first time. I also snuck a pear cobbler in there for good measure. My bubbling pot of pear sauce smells so good right now!!!

Until next time, never miss an opportunity to spend time with the family.


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3 responses to “Pears

  • Made with Love and Ladybug Hugs

    Lauren – I found your blog via a Google Search about Operation Kid Comfort. (I just got my first package of photos from them and was looking for pictures of some finished quilts for inspiration.) I am also a fabric addict and I’ve been toying with the “no new fabric for XX amount of time” idea. Clearly, you have more willpower than I do! Your quilts are all beautiful. Looking forward (hopefully) to some more pics of your sewing room. I’m always looking for creative ideas, especially since my “sewing room” is my dining room table.

  • KTseams

    Would love to try some of that pear sauce someday, it sounds great!

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