What I did on my summer vacation.

My family and I just spent one great week in Big Bear Lake, Ca. We rarely take vacations like this so it was very special. It was a celebration of my husband’s return from Iraq. YEAH!!!!

Here is what we did: Enjoyed a wonderful waffle breakfast.

Visited the Big Bear Zoo.

On a side note – The grizzly pictured above is one two “cubs” that were captured with their mother. The mama, Tutu, and her cubs were brought to the zoo 16 years ago. They are the only family unit living together in captivity. The mama (Tutu) still nurses her 16 year old “babies”!!! While I defend her choice to nurse this long, it is not a commitment I would make;)

Rode some ponies

Cuddled on a bed and watched DVDs while it rained

Visited with Family (Which i do not have pictures of because I got lazy).

We even won the resort’s bean counting contest (The spelled our last name wrong, but what ever). Radek guessed 100 beans and we got a multi-pack of modleing clay…GOOD TIMES!!!

I also did some looking at the local quilt and needle arts shops. I found two great places and one not so great.

Let me start with the good. Susan’s Needle Arts in Big Bear City was a fantastic place filled with all sorts of needle craft kits, books, and supplies. I recently took up needle point, but I am very limited by the selection that Joann’s and Hancock’s have in their stores. I also hate ordering online because I like to touch things…I’m a toucher. The shop has unusual hours (they are not open until 2), but the staff could not be more helpful and nice. I picked up a needlepoint kit for a small bag to hold needles and thread. The canvas is already attached to the zippers so I don’t have to put it on a frame. It was a good way to pass the time on the few days it rained. As you can see, I almost finished it while we were there!

Next is Patchworks Quilt Shop in Big Bear Lake. The staff was very friendly and I was surprised to find that they had an open sew going on one of the days we were there. My husband joked that I should have brought my machine…I really wished I had! I found a beautiful batik fabric for my friend Crystal who was kind enough to watch our dog and guinea pig while we were away. I felt it encapsulated what Big Bear felt like to me and Crystal loves batiks. Because the fabric is not for me I did not break my fabric fast (you know I am making the rules up as I go!)

Sadly, not every experience will be a great one. I went to the Village Quilt Shop located in the Village at Big Bear Lake. I thought I would see fabric and notions. It was just quilts. Beautiful quilts and other lovely quilted items. I was happy to just look around (although I was hoping for fabric). The woman at the front was very friendly until my kids showed up behind me.

Let me back up. It has been my experience that most quilt shops are kid friendly. Some even have a kiddie corner where kids can play while mom or grandma shops. I do not allow my kids to wreak havoc and while they are active boys, they are not destructive children so what happenend next was upsetting.

The shop is tiny and has an upstairs and downstairs that are both narrow. My husband followed the boys to the upstairs while I poked around the downstairs. We were with my brother and his family. The woman at the front had no issue with my niece (who is 7). My five year exclaimed “look the bed” and went over to look at a small bed setup with quilts. The woman then started shouting “STAY OFF THE BED!!! DON’T LET HIM ON THE BED!!” I was mortified that she had maybe seen my children on the bed, but my husband later told me they had just walked over to it. No climbing or touching of quilts occurred. So, she was screaming for nothing. As I started to make my way to tell my husband to get the kids out of there a man (I assume the woman’s husband, but I am not sure) began to curse and berate my children to this woman and to me (I don’t think he knew that I was their mother). Dave came downstairs with the kids and I told him we had to go. Once we were out of the shop we stood outside for a minute discussing what next (the lake or the pool) and the man came outside to glare at us.

So not only did I not get to see any fabric, I also got insulted for my parenting skills.  Dave and I discussed the events later and knowing that my kids did nothing but show very loud enthusiasm made me upset. I think it would have been a different experience if I had girls, but I don’t so apparently I am not welcome in that shop. The best action I can take…blog about it.

In the end, it was the only negative experience in Big Bear. I will leave you with a pic of my boys together again!!

Until next time, be nice to parents, you don’t know at what point they may snap;)


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3 responses to “What I did on my summer vacation.

  • wilkie

    A quilt shop that only sells quilts? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Quilters are nice people and the people who shop in quilt stores are nice people who are mindful of their children. It sounds more like a museum, they don’t actually want customers, obviously. If I couldn’t shop with my children I wouldn’t be a quilter at this point in my life. I’m glad you found some nice stores to visit and glad you had a nice vaca!

  • Birgit

    And that is why I also left a hairdresser – she and her customer glared at my children when we walked in and she told me her place was inappropriate for children and the furniture too expensive to be ruined by children. I had a computer with movie, soft pretzels and water for them and like yours they are pretty behaved. She asked if I would like to reschedule my appointment – I said no thank you. BTW the furniture was from IKEA and when you think of all the crap in a salon its hardly a danger. Now I am in a salon where kids hang out, cookies are provided etc and you know what – they really have expensive furniture and are far fancier in many ways. SO HA

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