I am determined to get my hoard under control which means  – drum roll please – finishing projects! This is easier said than done.

Some of these projects I had lost interest in and have been intentionally ignoring them for quite some time. I have gone to great lengths to hide these so I don’t have to deal with them.

Other projects were simple to finish, but I just kept putting it off. The procrastinators creed, why do today what you can put off till tomorrow.

And then there is the pile of things I don’t know where to go with and so it was set aside until I figured it out. **sigh**

So I made a list of all my unfinished projects that I could finish and I did not have to purchase fabric to complete it (on a side not, January cannot get here fast enough. I am planning an epic fabric binge to make up for lost time). 23 projects in all…wow!

Here is what I have accomplished this week:

I fixed a bag my mother had made for my boys. The strap had come off and it was an easy fix!

I made this bag for my car to hold trash. The ribbon came apart after one of my boys tugged it. I reattached the ribbon and have it facing the front seat rather than hanging down facing the back seat.

This is an Amish puzzle ball I made and did not attach the segments correctly. It is useful when I am brainstorming and need a ball to throw.

One of the guild members, Deanna, gave me some Air Force panels. I used the panels to make pillows. I added a picture of the boys with their daddy and some cozy flannel.

I bought a punch needle kit and love it! I was not sure what to do with my creation at first, but settled on a pillow. It sits in my chair at my sewing table. I have some very devious plans for using punch needle in some future quilts…I will explain another time.

and finally…

Quillow! I made this quillow for my friend’s little girl. I used her old receiving blankets and added some fun decorative stitches. I should have had this done month ago, but I dragged my feet.  To Kelly, I am very sorry! Here is the quillow out (above)  and rolled up as a pillow (below).

Technically, I had a green fur pillow that I was going to fix. I changed my mind, cut the pillow up for scraps, and crossed it off the list. I like crossing things off my list:) So the grand total is 9 or 23 things done…that feels good!

I leave you with a picture of my boys enjoying their new air force pillows.

Until next time, DO IT TO IT!!


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