The Picnic Quilt

I must apologize for waiting so long in between posts. My family has started the wonderful adventure of homeschooling and it is exhausting!! That being said, I am loving it!!!! Rad really enjoys the one on one time and I am enjoying seeing him get excited about learning. Anyway…enough about that and on to quilting.

I have slowed down a great deal from my flurry of activity I had going on two weeks ago. All my small projects have been taken car of and now I am left with the projects I haven’t quilted or need to start. Most of these had been set aside because I did not know what to do with them. This hasn’t changed, but I have a new plan of attack. Obviously sitting on these projects has not worked so maybe if I force some creativity, I can finally finish something….who knows?!

I am currently trying this approach on three projects.

1. My Robert Kaufmann solids challenge quilt. I finished this quilt top months ago, but have waited on quilting because I had no idea what to do. I joined a flicker group entiltled How Should I Quilt This? and got some great ideas. I have the quilt basted and ready to go. Now, time to get brave and do it….

2. I am finishing my Operation Kid comfort Scrap quilt. The quilts we made for the kids had no batting and used fleece for the backing. I will be doing the same with this quilt, but with fleece scraps. I am doing a simple stitch in the ditch quilting, but I need to get the back pieced. Time to stop being lazy and get to piecing. YEAH!!!

3. My picnic quilt is finished! I started it around May. I made one side using a snowball block. I discussed this in another post. I finished that side and had a great idea for a disappearing 9 patch for the back. I started cutting fabric and was devastated…I didn’t have enough!!! I thought I would have to put the project to the side and finish after the new year when I would allow myself to purchase fabric again. What I did not count on was how awesome a friend I had. My friend Crystal (whose feet can be seen in the picture below) showed up one afternoon with a bundle of fat quarters in the fabric I needed. Hallelujah!!!

So side two was assembles and I like the combination. I dropped it off at Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe to be quilted using ants. It was the lazy way out, but they do such great work and my boys will love the ants.

I can already picture my family spread out on the quilt enjoying lunch in the park. *sigh*

I leave you with this…my newest projects….the spider…oooohhhh! (This is a class I am taking at New Pieces in Berkeley taught by Dan Rouse…very exciting stuff!)

Until next time…keep on keepin’ on:)


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2 responses to “The Picnic Quilt

  • Joel Ignacio

    I saw some cool stuff at the Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe when I stumbled onto the shop when I went to the Tomato Festival… I love the ant quilting! I just started actually “quilting” for the first time last night… It’s very exciting and I love it!…

    And that spider is AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to see it 🙂

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