Taking Control of the Hoard – Part 2 of 3

I pride myself in my independence. I consider myself a capable person who can handle most tasks and I try not depend heavily on any one person. This includes not waiting around for my husband to do stuff around the house. He travels a lot and deploys for long periods of time which would leave me dependent the kindness of strangers which I make a habit of not doing. Running toilet? fixed. Broken garbage disposal? No problem. Tile bathroom floor and walk in closet? Done and done! I have done a lot of home repair on my own and done it well. There is only one area in which I fail on a regular basis.

Hanging things on a wall.

Sadly, I can not hang anything on a wall and make it level. It is really quite tragic. In this particular area I am forced to wait for David’s availability. This makes me cranky…I really hate waiting on others…hate it.

So, when I purchased three wall shelves from Ikea you can imagine my attitude. The shelves matched the book case I purchased a month ago and would hold all my items beautifully. My loving husband just needed to hang the !*#$ things.  I won’t lie, we had a few fights about when he should hang them. I felt that it should be sooner rather than later. Dave did not agree. Long story short, the shelves were hung sooner:) They look fantastic!!

I am happy to say that all my stuff fits perfectly and my closet is used purely for fabric. I am able to have all the things I love out and I finally have a good spot for my stuffed alligator collection! My husband also hung two hooks I purchased from World Market that I use for my ironing surface and a bag that I have not made yet (I had a bag, but my mother absconded with it so I am forced to make another one…that is a story for another post).

I went through all my magazines and books to decide what to keep and what to give away. I chose to give away any book that was a beginner level or had two or fewer patterns I liked. I only kept what would challenge me or inspire me. The idea is that other new quilter’s could benefit from my clean up.  I am keeping most of my magazines. I am a huge fan of Quilting Arts, Stitch, and Art Quilting Studio (when it is available). I only have a few other random ones that are good to flip through when I can’t sleep. I also purchased a box from JoAnnes’ that is for pattern storage.  My last purchase was a ruler rack for all my various sized rules. I had my rulers put away and rarely used them, but now that they are out I feel like I can make better use out of them.

My room is almost complete. My closet is kind of a wreck and I have my eye on a nice storage system at Ikea that should work. I hope to accomplish that my next month, but we will see. Depeneds on how my husband feels about putting it up;)

I leave you with a picture some dramatic before and after pics:

Until next time, don’t be scared to do it yourself!


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One response to “Taking Control of the Hoard – Part 2 of 3

  • Trixie

    Why are shelves and the like, soooo difficult to hang? I have the same problem. I love inspiring craft room organization articles; maybe I’ll straighten up a little before I start sewing today…

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