The Spider and the Victim

I took a very exciting class a few weeks back. One of the members of the guild I belong to developed a really fun new technique and I had the opportunity to be a part of his first class.

Dan Rouse (remember that name, he is about to be a quilting rock star) developed a technique of raw edge applique mixed with stencils. The first class he let us to pick one of 5 stencils he had created. All the stencils were nice, but the tarantula spoke to me. In the class, Dan explained what makes a good stencil and how to choose the right fabrics. I had a bright turquoise that worked, but needed another fabric. I had to break my fabric fast and purchased the most amazing pink fabric (Brandon Mably for Rowan BM 10 Bones). I then used freezer paper to create a stencil. Most of the class used transfer paper, but I was not prepared. Luckily Dan is very understanding another student and myself used freezer paper, which worked great.

For homework I got my layers basted and stitched. The next class, I cut! This is the scariest part for me.

I felt that my spider needed more. In particular, something to eat. My first instinct was to do flies, however, Dan made some points that made me realize that would be a pain. As I drove home I had an idea….what if I fed my kids to the tarantula? I got home and both boys were in!!!

I took photos of Zeke first because I thought his size would work better. Problem with Zeke, he would not lift his head up so i could see his neck. The shape would have looked weird. The more I tried to coax his head up the more he giggles and dug his chin down….*sigh*

So I used Rad who was a perfect model!

Using this photo, Picassa, a light box, and a projector, I created my own stencil of my new victim.

I got my stitching done today and cut out my victim. Radek loves telling people he is the prey or victim.

I still need to quilt and bind it, but I am loving it. I highly recommend taking Dan’s class (another one of my class mates has a fun blog post about the class too). There is another in December at New Pieces in Berekeley, Ca.

I leave you with a picture of Dan’s spider. He was in the process of cutting out the word BOO!

Until next time, don’t antagonize the spider!


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