the next generation

Some of you may know that my husband and I have chosen to home school our son, Rad. Here he is on the first day of school. I made him stand on the porch so I could post a first day of school photo on Facebook;)

He entered kindergarten this year and while I could go into the myriad of reasons we made this decision, I will just say that it was the right choice for Rad and our family. Home schooling provides many unique opportunities for my husband and I to share our interests with the boys. For example,  Dave has taken over the physical education portion. Watching my 5 year old do burpees next to his daddy id adorable! Dave even helped him train for a half mile race in Davis.

So I decided to work sewing and quilting into his school work. Today we created and named quilt blocks. This is a good exercise to learn about geometry and it is a fun art project. I started by cutting out different shapes (squares, rectangles, and triangles) in different size out of construction paper. I then showed Rad different quilt blocks on the internet to give him an idea of how shapes create blocks. I then let him create his own blocks using the construction paper shapes. I also let him name his blocks.

We had a lot of fun and I got an idea for a quilt (hint: TWIRL).

Tomorrow we are going to the Pacific International Quilt Festival. I am counting this as a field trip to an art show. I am also letting him journal about his favorite quilts. I am really excited to share this with him and my family for one very cool reason…I am in the show!! My quilt, No. 86 will be in the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit. This is my first quilt show where one of my quilts will be hanging!!!

I leave you with a picture of a fun project I am working on for my boys.

They love Dr. Suess (especially The Lorax and The Sneetches) and Rad talked me into buying this fantastic kit at my local shop.

Until next time, remember that our children are the future of the hobby. Keep it fun!


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