Some of you may have noticed my lack of posts lately. Some of you may not have, whatever. Point is, I’m an back and ready to talk quilting again. I am going to attempt to fill you in on everything from mid November to now.

I have mixed feelings about this time of year. I adore Thanksgiving. God bless the holiday centered around food! This year I went to southern California where my parents are and had a great time. I even discovered a new quilt shop in Sun City, Ca called Little House of Quilts.

It is a small shop, but the people could not have been nicer. My mother spoke to one woman about taking beginner classes (YEAH!) and I found something I could not live without (yes, the fabric fast is essentially over).

While the store did not have a large selection of fabric, they did have a lot of handmade items for sale. I recommend this shop, not only to quilters, but to people trying to find an item for a quilter they love.

Once Thanksgiving was over and I realized that Christmas was coming and I got stressed. Then I got depressed. Then I became agitated. In other words. I had no desire to post anything in fear that it may sadden and frighten you. I have been trying to make bigger strides in making Christmas less depressing without medication. Next year, I may just get medicated. But Christmas is over for now and I have survived to tell about it.

So, that is all my complaining until next year. Let me share some fun things I did over the holiday.

My bible study group (affectionately known as the “mixed nuts”) participated in the Festival of Trees in Vacaville, Ca. Trees are decorated and auctioned of to support the Opportunity House. Our theme this year was “Sprinkled with Love” and we did all sorts of baking themed decorations. I was happy to contribute a few of the decoration ideas.

1. Cinnamon Clay Gingerbread Men – My son brought this home from school last year which was the first time I had seen it. I found the clay recipe on another blog. You can also add nutmeg or clove for a spicier scent. My kids got to help me cut out the gingerbread men. Once the clay was dried we used puff paints to decorate (thank you to Crystal for doing all 36).

2. Felt Cupcakes with Poinsettia Toppers – I combines two different blog ideas to create these, this one for the cupcakes  and this one for the poinsettias. We added cupcake wrappers and glitter. This was a satisfying craft for me since I love wool felt and rarely get to use it. I can’t take full credit for the ornaments since the bible study group got together at Sherri’s house (who put the whole thing together and did an amazing job organizing all of us) to put 24 of these cupcakes together. It was a long night, but a lot of fun.

After the tree was decorated (which also included cookie cutter, recipes cards with recipes from Cathy, dish towel angel tree  toppers, and other baking themed items) we put a ton of presents under the tree that had been donated by local business (Just Cakin’ It, Every Baking Moment, Velo Wrench Bike Shop) and people from our church.

Our tree was sold for $2000 by an anonymous donor. Pretty cool!

I also finished a quilt. It was a quilt I had talked about in another post which I have since named “Play date”. I donated this to my MOPS group for the  give away at the December meeting. I did not use batting for this quilt. I used a pieced fleece backing and did a simple grid design.

I also did not use a regular binding. Instead I used a zigzag stitch using a rayon turquoise thread.It gave it an edgier look.

So, it wasn’t all bad. I did some good and I got to sew. I have a lot to look forward in the new year and I have many exciting things coming up very soon.

I will leave you with this, a Christmas quilt I began working on that won’t be finished until next year.

Until next time, pass the eggnog and the Xanax, mommy needs a little cheer.


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