Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! I started the New Year by making a bag (don’t be jealous of my snazzy new PJs). The pattern is a Kwik Sew pattern and allowed me to use the fabrics my sister and her kids picked out for me as a graduation present. I plan on carry my show and tell projects or using it an overnight bag.

I am happy to say that my fabric fast is over!! Many of you know that I challenged myself not to buy any fabric for 2011. I did it for many reasons:

1. My husband was deployed in February and I felt a little selfish that while he was in the middle of the desert I would be gorging myself on fabric.

2. Fabric, especially nice fabric, costs a lot.

3. I needed to clean out my growing stash that had taken over multiple rooms in the house.

4. I felt it would be a good exercise in creativity to only work with what I had or could get for free.

I did accept fabric gifts or take fabric people were giving away and I will admit to buying 3 yards of fabric for myself over the course of this challenge. That, aside, I am happy I did it. It was not easy, but I was able to finish 6 quilts (front and back), 2 quilt tops, several mini sewing projects, and one quilt that needs binding. Not bad. Here are some pics of what a few of my quilts over the year:

Scrap Quilt “Confetti”

Robert Kauffman Dusty Solids Challenge  “Stepping Stones”

Operation Kid Comfort Scrap Quilt  “Play Date”

Jay McCarrol Habitat Challenge “No 86”

Dan Rouse stencil class “The Spider and the Victim” (this is a cheat because I did buy the pink fabric)

front “Off to Market” (semi cheat because the fruit fabric was purchased with a gift card I received in 2010)

back “Off to Market” This one as at the quilters.

Since this is the time of year to look back I will leave you with this.

My boys and I did this in memory of our beloved dog, Prissy, that past away in August. She was 13 years old and we had had her for nine years. She would often come to my sewing room and lay down at the door like she was guarding me. She also never gave up a chance to lay down on a fresh quilt. She was a good dog.


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