New Traditions

I like traditions. I find them very comforting. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of traditions. We moved a lot and it was hard to keep things going. I’m not complaining. I have a loving parents who did their best and that is what was important. But as an adult I still try to find ways to start traditions that are not geographically dependent (my husband is military and moving is inevitable). This desire is not just for my kids, but for myself as well. Last January, I started a scrap quilt. My husband was leaving for a deployment and I wanted something to keep me busy. I was very happy with the results and I named the quilt “Confetti”.

The quilt has become a very important part of our living room and nothing makes me happier than seeing the whole family curled up underneath (often with a dog on top!). So I have decided to make a scrap quilt at the beginning of every year. Why? Two reasons. One, it is a good way to look back at the year in fabric and use up scraps. Two, I love scrap quilts and want more in my house. I like the idea of having a stack of scrap quilts to the ceiling. I want to make a fort out of nothing, but scrap quilts.

So, year two of scrap quilts involves something I saw on Pinterest (which I love and cannot stay away from it). The block is a Herring Bone pattern and the tutorial I found (Stitched in Color) was simple. If you are wondering if this breaks my no pattern rule, it does not. I am only using the tutorial to make the blocks. I am doing a different setting. I will go into that in a different post.

Here is the pile of scraps I am starting with. It is only a third of my scrap bin.

Many people are not aware of the complexities of a scrap quilt. To make something appear totally random involves a lot of planning. After, pressing and cutting my strips I try to arrange them to appear random without having similar fabrics touch. I also want each block to appear different.

Each block requires 28 different fabrics. I am doing 24 blocks. This will take a while. Here is block one.

I will leave you with this. My son, Radek, did his first project skills day today for 4H. He showed people how to make a hand-turkey card. His age group was not being judged and only got participation ribbons, but a judge told me he was their pick for winner. I can’t help if I need to show off a little:)


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