Evolution of a Quilt Top

The guild I belong to, the EBMQG, was given a challenge from Daisey Janie. She sent us fabric from her Shades of Grey collection. The fabric is organic which means no toxic fertilizers or pesticides were used to grow the cotton. The fabric is also harvested, process, printed and finished without toxic chemicals! I have never used organic fabric and was not sure what to expect, but this is beautiful fabric!

There were no restrictions given on the challenge which is good since none of the guild members ever follow the rules given. It’s one of the many reasons I love the group.

I knew I would be mixing solid fabric with the grey and I had a color combination in mind, purple, aqua, and green (I knew I had those colors at home and I like the combination). I had an idea about playing with different size squares and rectangles. I started by taking each fat quarter and cutting it into as many different size squares and rectangles as possible. I ended up to three sized of squares (8.5 “, 4.5″, and 2.5″) and two rectangle sizes (16.5″ x4.5″ and 4.5″ x 2.5”). I arranges the cut ups shapes on my design wall.

Next, I cut up my three colors. My challenge would be the green fabric since I bought that years ago when I made a diaper bag for myself. I mostly had scraps and I was uncertain how much I would get out of it, but that ended up not being an issue. The other two colors are mysteries as I don’t remember where they came from. They were magically in my stash.I started mixing the three colors with my greys and creating simple blocks. As the quilt came together I was not happy.

What was missing….hmmmm…..another color! I decided that I needed anther color, something warmer. I got in my mind that a fuchsia or magenta would be perfect. This would have been a problem last year, but now I can buy fabric. I headed up up New Pieces and found the exact color I wanted. It was my first time buying fabric since quitting my fast and I thought I would have an urge to start buying out the store. Amazingly, I got what I needed and left without maxing out any credit cards. I think the fast had a deeper impact on me that I realized!

I got my fabric home and started cutting. I was happy with the new color, but not happy with the arrangement. I played around with several arrangements and none of them spoke to me.

I had to walk away and sleep on it for a few nights before I realized that I was trying to be too random with my blocks. I needed more structure so I started grouping colors.

I didn’t like this particular grouping. So I tried again.

I loved this. And color blocking is so in vogue right now. I put my panels together and I have a quilt top that I am finally happy with.

And here is the backing made from the scraps of the color fabric (sorry, Otterpop would not stay out of the shot).

Now, how do I quilt this? I think I have an idea, but we will see how that evolves as well. I posted on the Flickr group How Should I Quilt This?

I leave you with this. The EBMQG is having a quilt show!!!!  Stitch Modern will be at the Piedmont Center for the Arts from February 1 – February 12. There will also be a family day, lead by me, on February 12 at 11:00 am.  Please come check it out if you are in the area! (I apologize about the picture quality)

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