Family Day

I was very excited to lead the Stitch Modern Family Day event on Sunday.  We had snacks, crafts, and a fun scavenger hunt for kids of every age. The craft was pretty simple. Some of the guild members and I  cut out fabric in various shapes and sizes. Dan has a Go! Baby Fabric Cutter baby that gave us some very cool hexagons and triangles. Stacey used her Cricut machine to make spiders, flames, and various other fun shapes. I made lots of squares and rectangles since I was using a plane old rotary cutter and ruler. The kids used glue sticks to make their own fabric creations. (A quick thanks to Stacey for letting me use her camera, I totally forgot mine!!)

I had the idea that the kids would create 6 inch quilt blocks, but children always have grander ideas.

The scavenger hunt was designed to get the kids really looking at the quilts and moving around the exhibit. (Thank you to Margaret for giving coming up with the idea at the opening reception!) It was very cool to see kids talking with each other and their parents about the quilts. One observant girl even found a mistake in my hunt. I was happy to hear it since it meant they were really looking! I left sheets for the scavenger hunt at the show since it goes the February 26…hint, hint;)

My son’s own quilt block creation that he calls “spider on tool”. We took this photo at home since he also spent a good portion of family day playing on the grass in front of the arts center.

I will leave you with this. My son, Radek, just turned 6 on Valentine’s Day. He is growing so fast. He recently picked out his own fabric to make his first quilt at New Pieces. He can’t wait to use my sewing machine (I am letting him use my activa 125, not the 820…no one touches my 820). I know that this may not last forever, but I am enjoying his interest in the quilting arts! Here are his fabric choices below: “tale of the dragon” The Alexander Henry Fabric Collection and “April Showers Bring Sunflowers” Art of Possibility  for Free Spirit.


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