Picnic Time!!

A while back I made a quilt top using a stack of fat quarters (Farmer John’s Marketplace by Paintbrush Studio) and some fabric my friend Kelli gave me. I came up with a fun summer picnic quilt. I talked about making the quilt in this post and this one.

So that was September and I told the ladies at Cornerstone when I dropped it off that I did not want to see this thing until January. Why? Because I had a stack of things that I needed to work through and I was happy to get this out of my house. They were happy to oblige since the holidays were coming and people wanted Christmas gifts done. I had almost forgotten about the quilt when Bev called me to let me know my quilt was done:)

Here is the front:

But this is no ordinary picnic quilt. I have a quilt book with a quilt that had corner pockets added to it so that one can place a stone in the corner to hold the quilt down. This is useful on beaches or very windy parks (the latter are in abundance in the area I live).

The process is simple. I cut a 12.5″ square and folded it into a triangle. I top stitched along the long side, then I basted the pockets onto the corners. After that, I attached my binding. I was thrilled with the results. The pockets are perfect for keeping a rock to hold the quilt down,

my keys and wallet (I don’t carry a purse),

and even shoes for little boys who can’t keep them on.

Here are my boys enjoying the new quilt. I had to talk Zeke into wearing pants. He hates clothes at the moment.

Here is the back of the quilt. I like this side too and want to do more with the disappearing 9-patch.

I will leave you with this.

My herringbone quilt top is done! I am exhausted by this project and will talk more about it another day:)


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