Being a good person.

Operation Kid Comfort is starting back up!! We had a informal get together on Sunday at Cornerstone with the fabulous Dawn, Miss Metta, and myself. The three of us  went through loads of donated fabric (mostly from the Northwind Quilt guild members) to put together kits for our March event.

The idea was to pair up fabrics and cut out kits for us to use when we receive our picture packets. I did this with my sister last time and it was a big job so having an extra person helping was nice.

By the end of the day we had 15 kits cut! Which is good because we are receiving pictures for 10 kids!!

I just have to sew some strips and we are ready for March 25. That is when our next Operation Kid Comfort event will be at Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe in Fairfield, Ca. If your are in the area, stop on by and help us make quilts for the children of deployed service members!!

I will leave you with this, I made a big step. I threw away fabric…GASP!!! Last year, when I wasn’t buying fabric, I accumulated a lot of people’s stash that they did not want. Some of it was nice, some of it was awesomely bad, and some was just bad. I went through the pile to donate some and then picked out the fabric that I believe had no business being made. Country cute in peach….gone. Black and mauve combo…gone! Teddy bears that unintentionally look like zombie bears (*shiver*) ….gone. It feels good to move on…and my husband will appreciate not having these boxes around the house;)


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4 responses to “Being a good person.

  • Crickett

    I’ve never been able to throw fabric away! I’ve gotten rid of it, but by putting it up for donation to local quilters, or just free-cycling it. There’s always someone out there with stranger tastes than mine (as evidenced by the polyester quilt my mom bought in the Azores and gave me).

    Brave woman! I salute you!

  • Deanna

    Hurray for cleaning out stashes BUT
    You didn’t throw that pile of fabric in the garbage did you??


    Drop off clean cottons in the New Pieces donation barrel and Childrens Quilts/EBHQ uses up all that stuff in our kids quilts or shares with groups whose ethnicities have different color palates than ours.
    Love, Deanna

  • bombastic meezy

    Good for you. Sometimes you just have to let go. I think it is amazing that you do Operation Kid Comfort and have really dedicated some serious time effort and resources to the cause.

    Bitches be trippin!

    Its okay to get rid of crap. Its like when I go to collect fresh food donations for the local food pantry and people give me what they can’t sell. Some of it is great and totally usable but some is rotted and moldy. Sometimes best to let the crap and donate something of value. There is a chance soemone might be into it . . . more than likely it is going to go from one scrap pile to another.

    Keep On Keepin On!

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