Operation Kid Comfort is back!!

I have spent the last week preparing kits for the next Operation Kid Comfort event on March 25th at Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe. We have nine lucky kids that will be receiving quilts made with love while their moms or dads are deployed overseas. This is a very therapeutic thing for me and near to my heart since my husband deploys and I know the effect that can have on a family. We did a huge event last summer, but we are keeping things small this time. A few weeks back I shared how we received lots of fabric from the Northwind Quilters Guild and even fleece for the backings! I talked about the process of putting fabrics together in another post. The last step was to assemble the kits for each child’s quilt.

I did need to cut two kits out since we had two babies that I thought should have flannel. A while back one of guild members of EBMQG gave everyone some fabric from her mother’s design studio. Ellen works with her mom Cathy Heck to create really cute designs including the Bot Buddies that I used for the quilts. Blue Hill Fabrics has the designs in both flannel and cotton. Side note, it is the softest flannel I have come across. I used the duck bots for the kits, but I also have some turtle bots that I am saving for another time.

We start with one fabric cut in to four 4.5″ x WOF strips and another fabric cut into eight 2.5″ x WOF strips. These are sewn together as shown below.

Each strip set is cut into one 8″ square and one 8″ x 23″ strip.

I then removed the paper backing from each set of pictures and cut into 8″ squares. Then 4 2.5″ strips x WOF are included for a border. The entire kit includes the fabric strips, pictures, and letter to the child that the quilter can sign.

At the event each person will be given a packet and the pattern to put the quilt together. My husband (who was deployed last time I did this) offered to come along to help press so you don’t have to get up! There will be light refreshments and of course fun conversation. Please join us on March 25, 2012 from 11am to 4pm to give these kids some comfort during these tough times.

I will leave you with this, last night a tragedy occurred. My beloved 820’s screen went black. While it still sewed, I could not change setting. It went to the “doctor” today and my fingers are crossed that it is something simple. So, for the next three weeks I will have to stay strong. I have my Bernina 125 I can sew on and of course this gives me time to work on handwork as well. Here I am saying a prayer and shedding a tear…I am not ashamed.


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