For baby Enzo.

So, I still don’t have my 820 back. This is very upsetting for me, but it had to be sent in to the manufacturer. I am lucky in two ways. 1 – it is all under warranty and 2- they will be giving me some upgrades. In the mean time, I will have to remembered what I have told other people,

“you don’t need a big fancy machine to do really cool stuff.”

So I cleaned and oiled my 125 (which my husband says looks like a toy to him) and got to work. My first project is a baby blanket for a baby shower. I am making an effort to use up my stash in preparation for a big move so I started to look at what baby fabric I had. I really don’t have a lot. Probably because I don’t do a lot of baby projects. I then had an idea for something a little off beat, but really cute. A baby texture blanket. Babies love exploring different textures and babies love soft things. I chose 6 of the softest materials I have:



twill (the picture shows some lint…sorry)


terry cloth

fake fur.

I cut 2 12.5 inch squares from each fabric and sewed them together in 3 rows of 4. I used a 3/8 inch seam allowance. I pressed the seams open. I would recommend a pressing sheet for this part.

I used quilter’s dream cotton batting and Cathy Heck Bot Buddies flannel (in Turtlebots) for the backing.

I quilted it using straightline quilting around each block using a denim thread. This trapped the seam allowance and reinforced the seams. I then used a soft gray flannel for the binding and finished it with a zig-zag stitch. The result was adorable!! I hope baby Enzo loves it:)

I leave you with this. GIGI!!

We are fostering Gigi and she needs a good home. She is great with kids and just wants to curl up at your feet. For more information on Gigi please contact the Contra Cost SPCA.


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