A better person than me.

My sister and I have a joke about what good people we are. We both volunteer and try to help when we can and when we share some good deed the other one says “You’re a good person”…dripping with sarcasm. It’s good to have someone to keep you humble.

However, my sister is doing a really good thing (no sarcasm involved) and I get to help…so I guess I get to be a good person too:) This summer Marla and other members of her church, Potomac Falls Anglican Church, are going to Tanzania for two weeks on a mission trip. They will be working at Greenleaf Orphanage (GLO) run by Father Yohana (according to Marla, Father Yohanna is the happiest man on the planet). Father Yohana loves his work. Most of the children have lost their parents to AIDS and need someone to care that much. Marla will be working in the kitchen, helping to teach, and various other activities. Part of the group will be building residencies for the kids while others will be teaching the kids Math and English.  She has been doing a lot of fundraising for this trip like baby sitting, a cupcake sale,  and she  a 31 fundraiser through Cheryl Celebi. The money covers air fare, vaccinations, visas, and other incidentals.

I am trying to help by selling a quilt for her.

“Stepping Stones” is $250

Also, I recently discussed a baby quilt I made that I thought was pretty awesome. I have enough materials to make a few more 36″ x 48″ baby soft texture quilt for boy or girl ($150).

The church members will be staying with host families and they are all bringing some small token to thank the hosts for their hospitality as well as small gifts to Father Yohana for his hospitality. Marla asked me to make a wall hanging for the both. I have been playing around with a quilt idea using 6 minute circles and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out. I used the colors of the Tanzania flags to create a sun rise behind an Acacia tree. I finished with some  beading and an embroidered bible verse (my sisters favorite, Psalms 139:14). I am happy with the result.

Please contact me if you are interested in a quilt. All proceeds go to my sister’s travel funds.

I will leave you with this, some pictures from the orphanage. I am excited for my sister and the experience she will have with these kids.

For more information check out this leaflet:  The Leaflet 2 Spring 2012 PDF FINAL


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