Circles…lots of circles.

I love quilts with circles in them. Sadly, I was intimidated by them and avoided them until a little over  year ago when Stacey Sharman did a demo at the EBMQG meeting of Dale Flemings 6 minute circles. I thought, “I can do that.” Then it was about waiting for the right project…

Fast forward to March of 2012 when Carol Van Zandt joined us at the EBMQG and gave us fat quarters from her Tokyo Rococo collection with Andover Fabric. I got the peach/green (mostly because people went after the blue/silver like rabid wolverines and I always like the under dog). Carol also brought the fabrics that inspired her collection. I always love to hear how people create:)

I wasn’t sure what I would do with the fabric at first until I discovered several neutral plaids in my stash.

I liked how the bright flowers looked against the neutrals and so began the making of circles…lots of circles.  Here is my tutorial for the 6 minute circle which I used to create 36 blocks (check out this link for another tutorial on Dale Fleming’s 6 minute circle)

step one – I made a lot of templates out of freezer paper. The circle on the paper will be the size of the finished circle. I pressed the template to the wrong side of the fabric.

step two -I cut out the center of the circle using my handy-dandy Olfa circle cutter.

step three – I cut up to 1/8″ all around the circle, then pressed the seam back.

step four – I used a light coat of glue stick (borrowed from my son,Rad) on the cut strips.

step five – I take my second fabric (cut to a circle, but that is not necessary) and place it right side down onto the glue. I then give it a light pressing. (in case you are curious, the glue holds it in place, is not permanent, and replace pins)

step six – I carefully remove the template.

step seven – I sew very slowly around the circle in the ditch.

step eight – I trim the seam allowance down and press.I am left with a perfect circle:)!

I am pleased with the quilt top. I think I will be quilting with peach/yellow/blue threads and have fun.  Don’t know yet…

I leave you with this….the April blocks for the Craftsy BOM. This was my first whack at English paper piecing and I enjoyed it. I may try it again:)

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