I love being a mom! Don’t get me wrong, my children drive me crazy. I am convinced that some days they are making calculated attacks on my sanity. That being said, I also think they are amazing. My older boy, Rad, is six and is really smart. For a variety of reasons (all to boring to go into), we have chosen to home school him and this has given me an opportunity to teach him how to sew!! There are a number of great web sites that have free tutorials and ideas for kids and boys in particular. He told me he wanted to make a quilt and I decided that I better jump on this before he is old enough to not want to make quilts (although I hope that never changes…fingers crossed). Here he is with his brother, Zeke (3), on a shop hop a few weeks ago.

He chose out some dragon fabric months ago and this week we started the cutting process. Now, before we go any further I would like you to know that I did not give him a rotary cutter…he is six…that would be crazy. Instead I had him take my 12.5″ ruler and find the areas we would like to fussy cut. This gave me the opportunity to explain about selvedges, grain of the fabric, and centering design elements. He really got into choosing his dragons carefully and we got 9 blocks all together. When he was happy with his decision, I cut:)

Then we cut the sashing and posts. This gave me an opportunity to explain measuring. If the block is 12.5 ” on one side, how long did our rectangle need to be? How wide do you want the sashing? What did he want in the posts? How big should the posts be? Why are we adding a 1/2″ to all our measurements?

On to the design wall. We got to talk about setting the blocks and doing it 3 by 3 rather than a row of 9 (which would be fine, but he wants to sleep under this). After talking he put the blocks where he wanted and we called it a day.

Our next quilt shop outing will be finding a border. We had a chat about the border and the colors we should use and he decided that he wanted a dark color to make it scary. I pointed out colors in the quilt he could use and he liked the dark navy in the clouds.Here he is with what we are have so far (this was the next morning and he still loves it so we are doing good!).

We ended the session with some quilting chocolate because you need chocolate after you work on a quilt. Rad asked me, “why?” and I told him, “I don’t make the rules, we just have to have some;)” He was more than happy to get into Mommy’s chocolate (which is in a locked box to stop any marauding children/husbands from getting into my good stuff).

I will leave you with this, NAME THIS BLOCK. I am working on a quilt, but I don’t know the name of the block. It isn’t super important, but I know there must be a name…can anyone help?


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