More on Rad’s Quilt

Rad’s sewing lessons are going great. I found a  website  that had free PDF download so he could practice on paper. I set him up at my little machine and very nervously watched over him. That made him nervous so I had to take a step back and let him get a feel for the machine.

He did really great. Here is some of his work on the paper.

He asked me every day for a lesson. I mistook this for a passion for sewing. I realized on day three that his eagerness to sew was directly related to the chocolate he got after his lesson. At least he knows he has to earn it;) The other day he said, “Mom, I won’t be a quilter when I grow up.” I told him that was fine (because I knew we would always have this quilt) and then he told me he wanted to be an inventor. Cool!

The next step was sewing on fabric. Now, fabric is a different beast then paper so I debated doing scraps. However, Rad is like me and had no desire to sew scraps. He wanted to put his quilt together. So, I let him start sewing the sashing to the blocks.

He did all right. I went back over some of his seams. He got a lot better when I started using my new fabric pencil to draw the quarter inch seam for him to follow.

Once the rows were sewn, I took over and sewed the rows together. Rad told me several times that I was a master and I am not going to correct him:) I plan on Rad sewing his borders on and sewing the binding together.

The next step was to pick out borders, binding, and a backing. We went up to Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe to talk to Dawn. Dawn was great and we let Rad pick out several fabrics to audition with his quilt.

This was a lot of fun. We chose a dark grey for the border to mimic the dark clouds. Rad found a cool batik that he thought looked like bones (maybe the bones of the dragon victims?) that we decided would make a good binding. The backing was tricky, because Rad liked everything. We eventually settled on a bright orange flannel. He was a big fan of the texture. Dawn had a dragon quilt pattern which meant I would not be quilting it. It is a cool pattern and Dawn does great work, plus I know that she will let us know when it is on the machine and the boys can watch. They are fascinated by the quilt machines.

I will leave you with this. I delivered the T-shirt quilt I made for my friend Dori and her husband. Here is the quilt.

And here is the family (plus Rad) around the quilt.

And here is baby Maks. He is a cutie!

Congrats to the Miller family for your new bundle of joy and I hope you enjoy the quilt!!


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