For the children.

I have been able to keep my momentum this week. God bless my churches VBS!! The kids have a great time getting their God on and I get a few hours to sew…EVERYONE WINS!!!!

My first kid project was a commissioned work for a friend. I technically did this last week, but I am going to talk about it now. She wanted a book themed crib quilt for her new nephew. I suggested the Dr. Suess fabric by Robert Kauffman because it was colorful and I knew where I could it so I could finish the quilt before the baby shower. I was also able to use the scraps of Dr Suess that I had left over from the quilt I did for my kiddos.

My favorite part about this quilt was the ribbon tabs she wanted all around the edge. This was something I has seen done on smaller teething rags, but never on a quilt. I loved it and the fabric would make the ribbon color choices fun!

She also wanted the baby’s name on it which I was happy to do in reverse applique. I used the Dr. Suess Flannel and a white flannel for underneath. (I love the name Levi, it was a name my husband I discusses before choosing Ezekiel.)

Here is the quilt on the design wall. After assembling the quilt top I quilted it to the batting without the backing. I used a turquoise rayon thread to add a little sparkle.

Here it is with the ribbon pinned. I sewed a 1/2 inch around with right sides together. I left a 6 inch opening to turn the quilt and top stitched 1/4 around.

Here is the finished quilt front and back:)

The next kiddo quilt was for my nephew, Arya. I had a train panel (Choo Choo You by Richard Neuman) that I bought on the last shop hop. I bordered it in brown (leftover from my “right side of the dirt quilt”) and made a white/blue/yellow stripe for each end.

The best part of this quilt is the pocket that he can use to keep his trains and cars. My sister asked for this feature since my nephew is obsessed with trains and has a very large collection of train toys. So here is how I did the pocket.

I started with a piece of interfacing and a scrap piece of fabric.

Next, I measured the interfacing to be a ittle longer than the zipper and I ironed it on to the scrap fabric.

Withe the fusible side up and the backing right side up, sewed a rectangle that was the length of the zipper and 3/4 inch wide.

I cut the down the middle and to the edges and turned the fused fabric inside out then pressed.

Now the zipper is sewed on.

I sewed another pieced scrap to the fused scarp all the way around. I didn’t worry about how it looked since it would be inside the quilt. I then sewed it down to the backing so it wouldn’t get wadded up. when washed. Very sturdy for a tough kid. Here is the finished pocket. (I am sorry I don’t have more pictures….I got distracted….I will be more careful in the future)

It’s not the best zipper, but considering I don’t put them in very often…it’s not bad. I quilted the quilt top with a diamond pattern onto batting. Then I did the same pillowcase technique that I did on the Dr Suess quilt and top stitched around the edge. I used a brown thread and tacked the quilt using a zig zag stitch and my feed dogs down.

I will leave you with this, Christmas in July!!! I got this one quilted and bound this week. I made the top in December with Peppermint Stonehenge fat quarter pack.


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