Sorry for the absense…

So, I will admit that I went into hiding for a little bit. I went for a visit at my parent’s house then my husband returned home after being gone to a three month course and then the new school year started. This added up to me ignoring my blog…I know you are all devastated;)
I have been pretty busy. First off, I finished my “Right Side of the Dirt Quilt”. Here is the front and back.

I am so happy with the job Dawn (down at the Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe) did!! The quilting came out so great and now I am waiting to hear if it made it into any shows….fingers crossed!!

She also finished Rad’s quilt…which he entered in his first quilt show.

We find out very soon if he made it in. Either way, I am so proud that he did this:)

I went to the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. The show was amazing and I would love to share my pictures with you, but I hardly took any. Everywhere I looked there were signs asking for no pictures and I eventually got frustrated and put my camera away. That being said here is us in the hotel room overlooking Long Beach

And here is some playing around I did on a long arm…I am in love!!

Here are a few other things I did while in so Cal that had nothing to do with quilting:

playing with turtles.

I have more to share, but that is for another post.

Until then, I leave you with this…

A taxidermy mongoose fighting a cobra…your argument is invalid.


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