A story to make you smile…

So, Sunday afternoons are typically my day to rest, do lesson plans, and catch up on any sewing projects that I have been ignoring. This Sunday was a little different.

It started with my husband watching the 49er’s game. A husband watching a football game is not so weird except that my husband has never sat down to watch a football game in the whole of our marriage and has decided after 10 years of marriage that he is going to start watching his team. In fairness to him, he grew up in the bay area and has always been a 49er’s fan.  In fairness to me, I have always loved that I didn’t lose him to a sports game each week. This is a new change and I guess one I can live with since he isn’t into watching the Giants games and San Fransisco doesn’t have a basketball team.

While he watched the game I was at the computer working on my lesson plan for the week and looking at Pinterest…mostly Pinterest, but whatever…and enjoying my Sunday cocktail (an Old Fashion).  Suddenly, the game was over (49er’s won) and My husband says, “C’mon boys, time to make a quilt” and he left the room.

I sat at the computer thinking he was being funny and looking up new drink recipes on Pinterest for next Sunday…I mean working on lesson plans…

Anyway, my youngest comes into the room and tells me, “Daddy wants to know how your machine works.” This got me up!

I walk in my sewing room to find my husband going through my scrap bin. I ask what he is doing and he says, “I want to make a log cabin.” and then he continued through my pile as if this was was totally normal.

Let me back track a bit, I have posted before about the stash bee I am a part of and my month to be queen bee was last month. I requested wonky log cabins with red centers. I am still waiting for one to get here (it was lost in the mail so a replacement has been sent), but the ones that have arrived were exactly what I wanted. I had all the blocks on my design wall so  I could decided the setting and if I wanted to make borders or not. I was unaware that my husband had been looking at these thinking, “how does it get wonky?” and “I bet I could do that.” My oldest, Rad, has taken an interest in quilting (he even got in to the PIQF’s “New Quilts of Northern California” exhibit – check it out this weekend if your near Santa Clara, Ca) and he was instructing Dave to use a red center and helping find scraps. Rad even helped him figure out my machine.

The next half hour I spent wandering in and out of my quilt room pretending to clean just to keep on eye on what was going on. Dave refused any direction from me because he wanted to figure it out on his own. He did allow me to show him the 1/4 inch foot and eventually let me show him one cut to start the wonkiness. At the end of it, Dave had a pretty solid wonky long cabin and I was a little confused at what had happened.

Dave made me promise not to post pictures without his shirt on, but this day was too weird not to share. Later that evening, Dave looks me and says, “That was fun…I wouldn’t mind making another one of those…” So maybe there will be a collaboration quilt in our future, then again, maybe it was the cocktails;)

I will leave you with this. The ladies from my stash bee have sent me some really cool blocks and here a few of them on the design wall. One blocks got lost in the mail so I am waiting for the replacement before I go on, but I love what I have so far.


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