For Miss Priss

I am sure many of you are aware how popular pixelated quilts have become. I saw a few at the PIQF show a few weeks back and of course they are all over the blogs, such as:

1.Happy Zombie – Ron Swanson along

2. Piece and Press – Mario Pillow

3. Fun Threads Design – Mr. Spock Quilt

I love them and decided I wanted to try my luck, but what to pixelate???
The answer was simple, my dearly departed dog, Priscilla (aka Miss Priss or Prissy). My husband and I got Priscilla (named for the movie Priscilla: Queen of the Desert) in Texas in 2003. My husband had a Doberman named Paxton who needed a friend. We decided to go back to the same Doberman rescue that we found Paxton at and there we met Priscilla (she went by Rockette) and fell in love. She looked like a little red Rottweiler (by little I mean 75 lbs) and she was nothing but love. She was always there with a lick and a stump wag. She was also very protective of our house and children and had a very intense bark. She was a great dog. We had Prissy through two moves, four deployments, and two children.  Sadly, she passed away last August from complication with diabetes. She was my buddy and I still have moments where I get very sad that she is gone. This is the last picture I took of her (roughly two weeks before she died).

So after looking over man, many pixelated quilts and trying to figure out how I would mange this I discovered a site called (thanks to regretsy which uses this site for evil). The site is for people who do other needle crafts (like needlepoint or cross stitch) but I made it work for me. You choose a picture and the size and how many colors and then you get a free pattern…pretty cool!!

Instead of stitches, I am using 1″ squares. This is a lot of fabric (50 different fabrics to be exact) and takes some time to keep it all organized, but I am managing. I start with 1 panel (there are 9 in all to make Miss Priss). I then do 10 x 10 squares until the panel can be put together.

Yeah, it is a lot of little squares. I cut as I go which simplifies the process for me. I tried cutting a bunch of squares at a time but one fabric required over 3000 squares…ain’t nobody got time for that! Here is an idea of all the fabrics (do you like my fancy labeling method?):

I have finished two panels and you can see where I am going with this.

I leave you with this, Rad and I at the PIQF. Here I am with my quilt…

This was the first show that I got critiqued and I was really pleased with my feedback. It was fair and honest and I look forward to entering more quilt shows!!!


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