My Favorite Things

Hello and welcome to my final post of the year. I have been very busy this holiday season and will probably not be posting again until January, but that may be a lie….who knows!!!

Anyway, I thought a good way to end was to discuss some of my favorite sewing items. They all make great gifts and stocking stuffers and most should be at your local quilt shop. Sew, let’s get started.

1. Batting tape – I have discussed my love of batting tape before. It is a very thin fusible tape that joins two pieces of batting together. It is perfect for small or large projects where you have enough batting pieces, but you need a way to join the pieces. I get mine at my local shop, Cornerstone Quilt Shoppe.



2. Sewline fabric pencil – I just discovered this as a way to mark fabric. You can use the special eraser to remove the marks or you can use a damp cloth. It makes precise marks and doesn’t rub off  like chalk does. I also like that I can buy several colors of lead to show up on different colors of fabric.


3. Transfer-eze – I discovered this on the same shop hop I discovered the sewline pencil. This is a wonderful product to transfer embroidery patterns onto any fabric. You simple run it through your printer, peel and stick where you want to embroider. When you are done embroidering, you put it in water and it dissolves.


I used it to make embroidery a design for a sewing machine cover. I don’t think my embroidery has looked better:)  The cover pattern can be found on generation q magazine’s site.


4. Qtools cutting edge/sewing edge – Dawn Schwab at Cornerstone turned me onto these. If you have a project that need precision (and I know you do) then these will help you make precise cuts and seams. The cutting edge is a movable vinyl piece that you place on your ruler. It butts up to the fabric and helps make every cut the same size. I am using this to make Prissy’s quilt since it depends on lots of 1 inch square cuts.


The sewing edge is placed on your machine. It is an edge you can use to but your fabric against to make all your seams the same size. Perfect for beginners:)


5. Craftsy classes – I can’t say enough for craftsy and their classes. I have taken many of their free classes and I finally paid for two classes. One of those is the Leah Day free motion class. I don’t do lots of free motion, but I want to learn. By watching Leah Day’s classes I did a little sampler using my sewing machine cover. Here is the result (mind you, I don’t do a lot of this)

DSCN3268 DSCN3269

Not bad!! I am getting more and more comfortable and am preparing to free motion my first big quilt.

I will leave you with this. This is a time for giving back and our guild is one of the many participating guilds in a charity event for the Austin’s children shelter. I volunteered to do the backing for our quilt. We received mostly log cabin blocks, except for this one rectangle block which we decided to feature on the back. Another guild member (Terri) gave me the yellow fabric so I had very little to buy.


I look forward to seeing what the other guild members do for the front!!

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!


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