The 5 stages of Quilt Show Rejection

The stages of Quilt Show Rejection are universal and are experienced by quilters from all walks of life. In our bereavement, we spend different lengths of time working through each step and express each stage more or less intensely. The five stages do not necessarily occur in order. We often move between stages before achieving a more peaceful acceptance of our quilt show rejection. The rejection of your quilt from a show might inspire you to evaluate your own feelings of quilting and sewing. Throughout each stage, a common thread of hope emerges. As long as there is fabric, there are quilts. As long as there is thread, there is quilting.

Stage 1 – Shock and Denial


“What do you mean my quilt didn’t get in. It was magnificent!! I spent months carefully piecing and quilting and sewing on a hanging sleeve….this can’t be real!!!”

Stage 2 – Anger


“When I get to the show I will give them a piece of my mind starting with #!@% yourself!””

Stage 3 – Bargaining


“Maybe if I just called or e-mail and explain that it wasn’t a good picture and that it’s for charity….they have to understand that. That would mean I have to give it to charity…”

stage 4 – Depression


“I will never quilt again. Burn everything I have, shut the door to my sewing room…all is lost…pass the gin.”

stage 5 – Acceptance


“Wait a minute, it’s just a show….I have too many projects I need to finish…back to it!”

I will leave you with this, my rejected quilt and I snuggling with my boys (and Otterpop) on the couch.



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