Making it matter.

My first post-QuiltCon project is done and I could not be more proud. Not because it is a technical masterpiece (although it is some of my best work) but because I thought about why I was doing it and poured a lot of love into what I was doing.

I had mentioned seeing Thomas Knauer’s lecture at QuiltCon in my last post and his subsequent blog posts really had me thinking, why do I quilt? Why does it matter? Why did I tell everyone that I would make a quilt for a giveaway when I could go to target and get something for 1/3 the price???

Answers came to me quickly, because I love to quilt, it makes me happy, quilts are a tangible expression of love, I love my MOPS group, and I want to see someone’s face when they win this. It’s a gamble since the person who wins may not appreciate my handiwork, but I was going to take it anyway and make it matter. (for those that are unfamiliar, MOPS is a group for the mothers of preschoolers, we meet every other week and eat and chat and attempt to get very real about the ups and downs of motherhood. I have shared some of my darkest mommy moments there and received an amazing amount of love and grace from these women, I highly recommend finding a local chapter to any mommy who needs a break.)

I started with a panel I purchased last year. It has very inspirational bible versus and small squares with words like believe and trust in peacock colors (blue, purple, gold, etc). It is not my style, but maybe I was led to buy it for this purpose. In my head, I was thinking “wrapping yourself in God’s word, wrapping yourself in God’s word, wrapping yourself in God’s word…” As a Christian, this was a very comforting thought.


I had an idea to offset the panels with the tiny squares place keepers. It’s not an original design (I couldn’t tell you were, but I know it’s been done), but it looks nice and it keeps the focus on the words. I had thought to use several different tone on tone blacks as the background,but I had trouble finding more than one and what I found looked chaotic. Then I found one I really liked and thought, “let’s keep it simple.”

The quilt top went together fast!


Next was the backing. I had some leftover squares and the black that I made a strip with. I then went back to the quilt shop and found a royal purple fabric that worked great. Backing done! Now to the quilting. I could have tried some free motion feathers or some paisley, but I went with a tried and true grid with my walking foot. I had a variegated thread in pinks/blues/green/yellows that looked good against the black. It was a therapuetic quilt in many ways for me and I loved the results!


I was so happy to give this away and knowing that a piece of me is out there. My gamble paid off…this quilt matters(if only to me) and will be going out into the universe to bring warmth and comfort. Some day, years from  now, someone I don’t know will have this wrapped around themselves finding comfort. A piece of me wrapped up in it!


Update: The woman who received this quilt sent me a lovely thank you message via Facebook:)

I leave you with this, a mini quilt I created. I got to practice my free motion skills on this and I like him a lot. It will hang in our house in Japan to remind me of our little orange house here in California.



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