Hello everyone!! I know you were all holding your breath waiting for my next post so you can all breath now because I am in Japan and ready to sew:)

I will not lie, the last few months have been stressful, but the move went smoothly, none of my stuff was broken, and I have already found several stores here and online that can provide me with all the stuff I could ever want…so amen, God is good:)

I hope to be posting more frequently starting this fall with lots of new projects. I plan to sew everyday, even if it only a few minutes. I will be expanding my skill set to more advanced quilting techniques and even garment construction…I know…exciting stuff!!!

Anyway, I will leave you with this, a view of my new sewing room.

DSCN3465 DSCN3466 DSCN3467 DSCN3468

We are in a 3 bedroom “garden” home on base. I am making my kids share a room so I can have this space. My husband agrees that this will make me easier to live with;) It’s a bigger space than what I had before and it has better lighting, I am loving it!!!!


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