Aprons and Headbands

So,  I have been getting a  lot done in the weeks since I got my machines set up. Some of it is catching up with my multiple bees and BOMs (which I will discuss in another post) and some of it has been working on my super secret project…ok, not really super secret. I was commissioned to do a Day of the Dead quilt for Aunt Marie and she told me that she would like to be surprised. Don’t worry, I have been taking pictures and will be ready to post by mid October. It’s kind of a BFD, if you know what I mean;)

In between these moments I am doing little projects that I can do in a day. One of these was an apron and matching headband. Back in April I gave my sister an apron and headband for our birthday. I got the idea after she told me she would be doing cooking demos for Loudon Veg (a group that is promotes plant-based diets). Marla’s demos are in lower income areas to bust the myth that healthy eating is expensive. She has had a great response and looks legit in her new outfit. (The fabric is from Michael Millers “Tine Vegetables” collection, I pieced 4 different colors). I also made a couple of potholders and a trivet, but she rarely uses that at her demos.


I liked how it looked so much that I decided to make on for myself. Shortly after arriving in Japan I stumbled across this ridiculous fabric.


Yep, floating kitten heads!!! With doilies and french writing (translates to “cute kitten” and “dream kitten room”)!!!  The fabric was in a kit for a bag and included the polka dot fabric and too cute/ridiculous to pass up. I knew this would be my apron (especially since I couldn’t read the bag pattern in Japanese). I also found some very soft cotton webbing.  The find was bittersweet since it was in Shibuya at a shop called Marunam that is closing…a moment of silence for another fallen shop…


The apron pattern I used is free at The Crafts Dept at Martha Stewart Living. It’s a really easy lined apron with a pocket. I would definitely recommend it for a beginner:)

DSCN3497 DSCN3496 DSCN3495

It came out super cute.


Next was the head band which was another free tutorial at Sewn Up by Teresea Down Under. I was lucky to have the exact scrap I needed:)


Yes, that is a rhino beetle on my head. We are in rhino beetle season and this area is silly with them…my boys are in heaven.

The whole look:


Now that’s cooking with gas!! I  will leave you with this…


That’s my man on a quilt, shirtless, and holding a spicy burrito. In case you are wondering, check out this link at The Bitchy Stitcher.


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