My Turn:)

I love quilt bees:) I love that I live in a day and age that allows me to participate in quilt bees even with women scattered across the US. So I was excited that as my  stash bee wound down one of the members started a new one. This is an all improvisational bee and I am loving it!!

So, I am posting this early to give everyone time to prepare. We all have busy lives and the more lead time the better. My month is October and for this month, I have chosen an improvisational gentle curve:)

To start, you need a 16.5″ square of grey fabric (any shade) and a pile of scraps at least 16.5″ long (varying widths) in bright patterns (maybe a few bright solids) that contrast with one another.


Cut the strips a little wonky, or a lot. Go with what makes you happy. I just don’t want them straight. Press the seams open or to the side (again, follow your bliss). Then cut the sewn strips to a 16.5″ square .


Now stack the two squares. It really doesn’t matter which is on top or bottom.


Now comes the fun part. Cut 2  very gentle, rolling curves. You can make them in whatever shape you want. I like to draw a guideline, but I don’t follow it. Do not over think this part!!


Separate the two and rearrange so that there is a positive and a negative.


Okay, deep breath…here come the scary part. I will admit that the first time I did this I got midway through and just knew that I had messed the whole thing up. Some type of black magic happened and it was fine…so don’t stress if this feels weird.

You are going to put right sides together and very slowly and with a 1/4″ seam sew the two curves together. I would start with the grey fabric on top (I didn’t in the picture, but I should have). There will be lots of stopping and rearranging the fabric (make sure the needle is down) so don’t stress. Somehow, it always works out:)


Here is what you will end up with:


Don’t worry if your ends don’t match up…they most likely won’t.


Press the seams open and do it again to the other side.



And your block is done. If you are not too anxious, do the other block:) You will have a positive and a negative!!! Don’t worry about trimming them down to size. I have an idea and so leave them long.


I will leave you with this:


My inspiration was a block called Candyland that Alyssa Lichner did on her skill builder BOM at Pile o Fabric. She has a video tutorial that may explain the sewing together better than I. I enjoyed quilting this one:)


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