Roller Derby Quilter

So I went and joined a roller derby team! Introducing one of the newer members of the Yokota Scary Blossoms – LOW DOWN DERBY SHAME!!!! You can call me low for short.


(picture taken by JP Smith Photography)

I have always thought roller derby was cool. How can you not? And since I like to be part of the cool people, I had an eye out for a team. That didn’t happen until I came here and found they had a flat track team and they didn’t require any experience – and I have that (no experience, that is)!!!! So a little over two months ago I joined the team, picked a name/number, and now I am slowly learning the ins and outs of derby. I love the game, I love smashing into people, I love the names, and I love that I dropped one pant size since joining the team.

My other favorite thing about derby is that most derby folk are crafty. We have bakers, knitters, crocheters, embroiderers…embroiderists??, and sewists. You can imagine how happy I was when some of the girls suggested we get together to make something.

We started with a quilted cape (One could argue it is a quilt with ties, but I will get into that later) for Summer’s Eve (Eve) who was having a birthday. Dublin Rolla (Dub) brought over three solids (black, pink, and white) for the team colors and and idea that we would have the team logo on it in some way. After some discussion and snacks we decided on doing a stencil technique that I learned from Dan Rouse‘s class.

I will not go into detail on the technique out of respect for his intellectual rights.

I will post that I git to use on of my favorite pair of scissors….I call them my whale scissors and sometimes make whale noises while I use them….did I just admit to that?


Anyway, they are the prefect tool when you just want to clip on layer and not both. Dub took the scraps home to do a color blocked backing.

At the next get together Sweet Action Sally (Sally) came by to help us baste and quilt. Each of the letters were done in a wavy grid to imitate fishnet stockings (a staple of derby) and the rest of the background was done in a triangular stipple pattern. Neither Dub nor Sally had free motion quilted before and they both took to it wonderfully!! Below is Sally quilting a letter.


At the end of the second day the cape was just about done. Dub took it home and finished it up. She even made a machine embroidered label:)

And here is the cape!! You can see Dub’s feet below:)


And some detail pics (taken with my phone, they aren’t great…sorry) I really love how the backing turned out.

photo-1 photo-2 photo-3

So why is it a cape? I have a quilt that I added ties to so it could be rolled up and would be easier to travel with. I thought it would be cool to add them so she could travel with her spiffy new quilt. Sally and I agreed that she would probably make it into a cape and how great would it be to see her on her skates trying to fly in her cape. Then we gave it to her….


Not in her skates, but the season is young. She loves it, we love that she loves – there was a lot of love!

I will leave you with this….


A double sided baby quilt. I made this Dropkick Nikki (Nikki) who is having a baby soon – and no, she is not skating while pregnant.


She is having a girl, but I didn’t want to go pink. Her husband, Man Coach (MC), was appreciative:)

I love little projects like this that I can do in day:) My advice to her was this – DO NOT CHERISH THIS, USE IT!!!

Be sure to support your local derby team!!!!


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2 responses to “Roller Derby Quilter

  • Tara Faughnan

    So great!!! Always wanted to be a roller derby gal, now I can live the dream thru your posts!

  • lifesabanquet1

    Hi Lauren! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question I have about your blog! Please email me when you get a free moment at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

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